In the Bunker

I have been taking golf lessons the last few months and I’m really learning some great techniques. Like, when your ball is in the bunker, you have to take a bit of the sand with you to punch the ball out because a hero shot is not going to cut it. Once you’re out, you rake the bunker, and it looks like you were never there.

Sometimes in life you end up in a hole and you’re stuck in the grit of it all and there’s no easy way out, just like a bunker. You feel overwhelmed and powerless, digging yourself further into the hole, but with this new found awareness, thanks to golf, accepting the grit is part of moving forward. There is no hero.

Both in golf and life, a bad move was what landed you in the situation in the first place, and if you had the benefit of hindsight, you would have never played it, right? Now use part of the sand/grit, or whatever that represents to you and play your next move without the grandeur, then wipe the slate clean.

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