Let’s Talk about Covid-19

Up until yesterday, the worse seemed to be behind us. Australia did the right thing, stayed inside when told to and kept up social distancing, flattening the curve on Covid-19. We were all rewarded for our efforts and life as we knew it was returning. Then, Victoria happened. Over 700 new cases were reported in a week.

Now, one of our states has fallen on its knees and is in lockdown. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Maybe we’re not out of the woods and this false security of returning to a normal life led us up the garden path because some of us forgot all the rules that kept us safe in the first place.

It only takes a few to flout the rules. I mean, how did we expect this to go?

Sadly, all states have closed their borders to our Victorian mates and we feel greatly for their health and wellbeing. It’s not a simple thing for them to rally the strength and lie dormant once again.

I know Australia is fairing well compared to other countries but we all have to do our bit, not just some of us.

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