I Know this Much is True

I read the book, ‘I know this much is true’, by Wally Lamb, 20 years ago. The mini-series, starring Mark Ruffalo, was brilliant!

Family secrets and a fundamental truth withheld, plays out.

The family secrets kept by his mother’s was a sad story in itself, but Dominic, finally finds out who his biological father was through his stepfather. If Dominic knew the truth sooner, would it have changed anything for him, particularly for his twin brother, Thomas, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia..

I know this much, mental illness touches so many of us, and when you have a family member who suffers, all you want to do is protect them. On the other hand, you’re screaming inside, what can you do, or, who can you tell the truth to, and how can you escape it. Everybody suffers. Mental illness is definitely not easy for those inflicted, and definitely not for those who are close to them. It effects everyone and often, silently.

I think the mini-series did justice to both sides.

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