hava heart

A much love Aussie icon since 1955, Peters Ice Cream, hava Heart.

Even though much loved, she’s not always an easy find. I remember when she was very much a stand out and had no rivals, but then she seemed to disappear.

I have such great memories attached to her because she was so special, and to find her in a sleepy holiday village all these years later, brought everything flooding back.

So, if you want one, you have to go to Seals Rock, a small coastal settlement in the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia. For those not familiar with the region, it’s 275 kilometres north-east of Sydney. It’s known for its excellent surf, beautiful lighthouse and panoramic ocean views, and got its name because of the many seals that lived on the rocks.

If you do go, do check out the lighthouse, that’s where the view are?

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