It’s My Lane too

Everybody thinks they own a lane, some feel more entitled than others to hog the whole strip. Social distancing has changed all that, except some aren’t getting the memo.

Sharing walkways, roads, dog parks with walkers, runners, bikes, prams and gym enthusiasts is a minefield. Even the dogs are bumping into each other but we are all in this together. Fifty-fifty seems neighbourly?

Let’s face it, some lanes are not negotiable. Then there are the visible and the invisible ones. I must be in the invisible one because on my morning walks some would surely pass right through me if I didn’t move. Social distancing doesn’t apply to their lane because they are visible, taking up space. Then, there are others like me, invisible, who are in the moment, aware and happy to make small adjustment to their lane, after all, the end game is to keep us all safe, and … an early return to normality; the life we knew before Covid 19.

Walking and exercising outdoors is the only real safe thing we can do and it’s only a pebble to the mountain we have to climb to be Covid 19 free, and besides, it’s a really good place to practice our social distancing. So move over, it’s my lane too.

It’s the neighbourly thing to do,


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