Are We There Yet?

On the peripheral of my awareness the Grey Nomads hovered. ‘What age do you think they are?’, I would ask myself, and the little voice in my head would confirm, ‘not yours’.

Next thing, my sister and brother in-law ask me and my husband to join them on an outback road journey. They just purchased a brand new 4WD Caravan. My husband, Pete, is the adventurous type and wilderness is his thing, jumped at the idea. Together we have tracked and camped, some  a little rough but mostly glam style, so, we figured were we’re up for it. We’ll hire a 4WD Campervan.

Thus, the ‘Fab4’ was formed, something we dubbed ourselves to impress the kids. Of course, we had the 2-way radio communication and alias personas happening. My sister was ‘Miss Daisy’ and her husband, ‘The Duck’. I was ‘Coco’ and Pete was ‘PM’. I think you can work our the dynamics here? We were now officially part of the movement discovering the joys of open road living in this wonderful country called home. The Grey Nomads were no longer on the peripheral but now our people as we looked to them for guidance and handy tips. We were ready and committed, boots and all, but first a shake down trip to road test the vehicles and appliances and how we’d come together as a team. Everyone does one, so we did too. 

Now we’re really ready to embarked on the greatest outback road trip to the Birdsville Big Red Bash Music Festival, the most remote musical festival in the world. And, the only fair dinkum way to the Birdsville Big Red Bash on the edge of the Simpson Desert in south-west Queensland, Australia, was to travel the Birdsville’s track, five hundred kilometres of dirt road. Of course, the easier route would have been to fly but that’s not true blue, right? 

Well, we made it into Birdsville!

The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing in the town. Everyone was in great spirits, nothing and no-one was going to spoil the experience regardless of the misadventures along the Birdsville track … that was for the story telling later. It was an indescribable feeling to be part of something bigger than just yourself. The Aussie outback was welcoming us in as one.

The last leg of the journey was to‘Big Red’ the highest sand dune in the Simpson Desert. She was the main attraction and the backdrop for the outback concert.

Our campsites neatly nestled on the dried out-bed of an ancient lake with Big Red looking down upon us revering a natural amphitheatre. Three nights of live entertainment from legendary Aussie artists under a canopy of stars fed our souls and now, forever etched in our memories.

That was the moment. 

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